Where To Find 14 Day Cash Advance Loans?

Overspend and need some cash to get by until your next paycheck is in? Thats not a problem nowadays with so many real loan companies such as Magnum Cash Advance, AmeriAdvance, Think Cash, Payday One, My Cash Now, Check N Go, Cash Central etc for you to borrow 500 cash loans easily. These companies caters to those who need a 14 day loan or until the end of the month.

No matter what the jobless claims data or non farm payroll numbers are, all I see is the fact that income is dropping and the amount of savings in my bank account is often zero. The only comfort I can take is that probably many are experiencing the same crunch like me. I was taught that using online short term lenders to get out of a cash tight situation is perfectly fine, as long as you do not do so every other month. You are going to pay a lot for such high risk financing which may eventually cause problems with your cash flow.

AmeriAdvance Cash Loan Complaints

So far, there are no AmeriAdvance complaints or scam being reported, so it is a real and legit loan company. Taking loans from AmeriAdvance is similar to other online lenders, with quick and easy approval within 1 hour. Do note that you are really paying for such convenient services in order to get the money fast. Normally, online cash advance loans do not come with a Annual Percentage Rate (APR) quote, because it is really around 300% to 400%, which will frighten off potential borrowers. To compare, the maximum APR on a credit card or line of credit is around 25%.

AmeriAdvance Loan Fees

Borrowers are often not aware of the high APR on online cash advance because these are short loans for 14 days (2 weeks) approximately. You are usually quoted for a $100 loan, simply pay back $115 after 2 weeks. That sounds cheap, but it is still equivalent to nearly 400% APR. Despite that, most people do not mind paying $15 in order to borrow $100 fast.

To repeat, it is acceptable to get a $1500 online loan for 14 days but do not extend the payment date. The fees will add up quickly than you can imagine, and you will soon be owing double of what you just borrowed.

Benefits Of AmeriAdvance Cash Loans

I purposely explain the fees on 14 day cash advance loans before the benefits of using recommended online lenders such as AmeriAdvance. Even though these companies are regulated by the state authorities, the APR on short term payday loans are legal yet shocking high. These are not illegal loan sharks, but still expensive and dangerous to misuse. Then again, you will be even more surprised how much we are being fleeced by various types of service providers these days such as overdraft fees, late payment fees etc.

For example, a $100 bounced check with insufficient funds will cost you a $48 banking fee, $100 unpaid credit card balance will incur a $26 late charge, $100 unpaid cable bill leads to a $50 late/reconnection fee. In comparison, the $15 cash advance fee becomes rather mild.

The above are some examples where taking a cash advance is valid and actually help you to save money over unreasonable fees from cellphone, credit card bills etc. Sometimes, you really need to compare these numbers for a clearer perspective and that will help your finances in the long run.

So when you have a good reason to borrow money for a few weeks, go ahead and get it from a legit loan company such as lender like AmeriAdvance that is BBB accredited. Getting a small personal loan is not a big risk, but over relying on it and borrowing $1000 until your next payday may become a very dangerous habit. The interest fees on 14 day loans will still cost you money that should have been used for savings and better purposes.

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