Refinance Bad Credit Car Loan On Late Payments

With many people unemployed and not able to get a new job fast, they have been defaulting on bad credit car loans and mortgages. Many car owners are late and behind their payments by several months because they do not have surplus cash in their banks to pay other bills as well. If you have been thinking whether to refinance car loans with late payments, do not wait any further and quickly get a quote online from refinance lenders. You can still be in time to enjoy much cheaper car loans refinancing deals that relieve the pressure of high monthly payments for your vehicle.

There is apparently a lot of money to be made for refinancing late auto loans so many lenders are willing to overlook minor credit report items. So do not think that it is too late to get help for reducing your car loan payments.

So how do you refinance your car loan when you are two months behind payments? Firstly, check out the market value of your car or pickup truck. This can be done online at or Kelly Blue Book etc. Some big used car dealers also have a well updated price information database on every car make, model, year etc.

When you are going to be late or is already behind payments, it is recommended to contact your car financing lender immediately and inform them of the issue. This proactive approach shows that you are still able to manage your finances and have not thrown your debt obligations out of the window. With some auto loan lenders, this is even sufficient to stop them from reporting the late payment issues to the credit monitoring agencies.

A confusing aspect with most car owners doing a refinance the first time is that auto loans are front loaded in nature. That is to say that during the initial two years, you pay more for interest fees and less for paying down the debt principal. This progressively changes till the interest portion becomes nil and every dollar goes to pay off the debt towards the end of the vehicle loan term. Most online car loan calculators will be able to show you how this amortization works.

As you probably know, late payments for your car loans are recorded on your credit report which affects how banks and lenders review your requests for loans and refinancing. For car loans, it is still not so bad as long as you are never behind by more than 3 months consecutively and all your infrequent breaks in payment schedule is quickly rectified within a few weeks. Even though it is much faster for FICO ratings to get downgraded compared to efforts to raise your FICO score, the Federal Trade Commission has made it clear that you can still get car loans despite having a poor credit report and you can certainly refinance a car or truck on late payments.

At the same time, ask your lender about bad credit truck loan refinancing options so that your payments can be made more affordable and help you save more money. Most lenders will not actively approach their clients with refinancing deals because that means losing revenue from the cheaper APR on refinanced car loans. However, when you start asking, they know they need to try and refinance your car loan on overdue payments or else another lender will take over.

The best way to get out of an high interest auto loan when behind payments and with very bad credit score is to sell the vehicle away. Can you still afford to drive when you do not have money for paying bills? Unless you can get a personal loan from friends and family to make current your car loan and repair your credit score, the new car loan interest rates after refinancing will not be that cheap anyway. These steps can take some time while your ratings continue to drop each month due to late and missed payments being reported by your lenders.

If your credit score is very bad, refinancing will not work well because the offered interest rates, closing fees or early payment penalties may add up to a big amount. That is why refinancing should always be completed before you let late or missed loan payments degrade your ratings. However, car loan refinancing with bad credit is always available at many lenders so car owners with late payments may think they should accept those offers. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission warns against such deals due to the high interest rates and misleading contractual terms.

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