Is CareOne Debt Consolidation Legit?

If you owe a lot of money on credit cards, mortgage and personal loans, it can cause a lot of worry and unhappiness for you and your family. Most people do not know how to effectively manage and pay off their debts, but you can use some professional help to get out of debt without losing all your assets and hope. For example, Care ONE debt consolidation services are very popular and well known in the industry.

Debt consolidation companies form a new growing industry, and even some banks are offering consumers debt settlement programs. However, some providers are not helping their clients to pay off debts and are actually ripping off people with ridiculously high fees for doing nothing beneficial. If you are looking to use some debt counseling, choose a company that is well established with a consistently good customer track record. Improving your credit records enable you to find 900 loans fast when you need the money urgently.

CareOne Credit Counseling

CareOne is actually the leading debt consolidation firm for several years, so its reputation is well regarded. They have been showcased in the mainstream news and media, including CNBC, Time, Fox News, Forbes etc. Till date, records show that CareOne has helped more than 5 million people eliminate debt and improve their financial standing. A major advantage of using CareOne credit counseling is their experience and relationship with many creditors – this is very useful for debt negotiation to get a cheaper settlement. CareOne is able to get the major credit card companies to discuss new payment options that suit your situation.

CareOne Debt Consolidation Reviews

A common praise from many satisfied customers is that CareOne provides personalized debt consolidation services that is really tailored for each client. CareOne credit counselors will help you create a holistic debt consolidation plan to help get rid of debts and educate on proper money management skills. The latter is really important for helping people manage their credit and stay debt free, and such skills are really lacking among adults these days. If you have any friends that are habitually getting back into debts, that is because they lack such money management skills.

CareOne Debt Consolidation Offers

CareOne offers three main types of financial solutions to help people handle debts – Debt Management Plan, Settlement Service, and Bankruptcy Support Program. If you are currently struggling to pay your monthly credit card bills, the Debt Management Plan is designed to consolidate all unsecured signature loans into a single monthly payment for convenience. Most people who used the CareOne Debt Management Plan took 3 to 5 years to pay off their debts. You can enjoy cheaper interest rates and waived late fees when you consolidate your credit card debts with CareOne. The result is you pay less with a single monthly payment compared to the multiple bills from various card bills.

CareOne Debt Settlement Reviews

The CareOne Settlement Service is suitable when you cannot afford the consolidated monthly payments available on the above Debt Management Plan, because of loss of income or other personal reasons. For such cases, CareOne provide debt negotiation attorneys to represent your situation to the creditors and try to come up with an alternative debt settlement plan so that you can avoid bankruptcy.

During the CareOne debt negotiation process, the attorneys will try to reduce your total debt to an affordable amount you can pay and get your creditors to agree with it. Many people have tried to negotiate a credit card debt settlement plan with their creditors and failed, because they lack the essential legal back up provided by Care One.

In the event that you are unable to reach a feasible settlement plan with your creditors, CareOne can help you with the bankruptcy filing process. The recent bankruptcy law changes have made it complicated to file for bankruptcy in order to discharge debts, so CareOne’s legal services can help you cope with the new bankruptcy laws.

There are also customer support services provided by CareOne, such as online community message boards for peer to peer discussions, grocery discount coupons, online budgeting calculators, and even a CareOne Prepaid Visa Card for those with bad credit and cannot get an unsecured credit card.

So whats the catch with CareOne debt consolidation? The services are not free, and you need to pay a monthly fee depending on the state you live in, how much you owe, how many creditors you have etc. Despite the fees, you will be able to benefit through the comprehensive debt management programs offered by CareOne and the reduced debt settlements you can enjoy. If you are losing control of your debt and credit problems, check out a real debt consolidation firm such as CareOne that is proven to help people get out of debt and financial woes.

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