Fastest Way to Get a Green Card and Immigrate to USA

Actually, there is no secret method on how to become a US Citizen or get Green card fast. Some people have been trying to legally immigrate into the US for more than 15 years. This is certainly a long wait and many give up during the process. Anyway, be prepared as even the fastest way to become a US Citizen may take 3 years or more. The worst case scenario is to wait for 20 years before getting US permanent residency.

The main prerequisite for becoming a US citizen is to get your Green Card. This gives you the legal right to migrate to the United States and the fastest way to get a Green card is to marry a US citizen. Alternatively, if you have family in the US that are permanent residents or US citizens such as being a parent, spouse or minor child etc, you can also get a Green card fast. Being a citizen makes it easier to get a car loan or signature loans for 2500 dollars from the internet.

Currently, there are no annual limit in the number of Green cards issued to applicants with family ties to a US citizen. Note that when we say the waiting time for a Green Card is very short, it can still be at least 3 years. You cannot get an instant Green card approved under normal circumstances.

If you have just become the spouse of a US citizen, you need to wait for three years before being eligible to be a US Citizen. The application fees cost $675. For non-spouse relations, the waiting time for a Green card or US citizenship is five years.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) closely monitors the number of non US citizen spouses entering the country because of the large number of marriage fraud cases intended to bring foreigners in. Many women and men from other countries use this loophole to get a Green card fast – marry a US citizen and divorce once they get a Green card.

There will be an initial interview and numerous checks conducted periodically to verify whether the marriage is real or fake. The USCIS will monitor a marriage for at least 3 years, when the spouse applies for US citizenship. If marriage fraud is found, the non US citizen spouse’s Green card will be revoked and deported. Criminal charges will also be brought against to the US citizen participating in the fake marriage. In fact, many such cases are found each year where US citizens marry for money to get Green cards and citizenships.

If you are an adult child of a US citizen, you can go for a Green card with waiting time depending on the immigration service of your own home country. The Green card waiting period for single adult child with US citizen relatives is 6 to 14 years. The Green card waiting time for married adult children will be slightly longer. For example, the time to get a Green card for siblings of a US Citizen is 10 to 12 years.

If you have family members living in the USA and is a lawful permanent resident, you can also try legal permanent status as the spouse or child. These are the only relationship status possible for a Green card, which may take 5 to 7 years. If you are an adult child and still single, the waiting time is 9 to 14 years for a Green card to immigrate to USA. However, if you are an adult child and already married, you will no be able to get a Green card.

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