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Typical credit checks with the 3 major credit bureaus are performed by payday advance lenders. Other checks and verifications may also be done, and this may include verifying the social security number you provide and using national databases including DataX, Teletrack, and DP Bureau, which tracks lending institutions and their consumer transactions. When you submit the completed form you understand that you are agreeing that you give permission for and allow participating lenders to accept, verify, research, review, and collect your information as outlined. Normally this type of inquiry will not have any impact on your credit score. The time required for the cash transfer can vary among lenders.

The loan amount offered by any lender may not be in the maximum amount specified or advertised, but it is possible to re-submit and receive a second loan from a different lender. There is no obligation on your part to accept any loan which is offered. You should understand that a short term cash loan or payday advance loan is intended to be a short term solution, to provide financing for a short period to meet your cash needs. Payday cash loans should never be viewed as a long term financing solution. The recommendation is that you only borrow the amount which can be paid back next payday without causing you financial difficulties again.