Best Reliable Japanese Cars

Many car owners are convinced that Japanese car manufacturers pay more attention to the reliability and safety aspects of car design and have top quality control in their manufacturing processes. While European cars are still desirable for their unique styling and luxury status, many car buyers have to be realistic about their budget due to the poor economy. Reliability and long periods of driving are more pragmatic concerns when deciding which new car to buy, which car loan is cheaper etc, while sleek designs and curves become secondary.

As extended car warranties become increasing popular with new buyers, manufacturers realize that zero manufacturing faults and functional design problems become very important selling points for increasing car sales. They now focus on car performance reliability in order to avoid unwanted reputation damage.

With extended car warranties offered on all new car purchases, manufacturers need to pay for repairing manufacturing defects and related damages. To prevent loss of profits, the car reliability and safety factors on the top concerns for manufactures which is great for consumers.

Although car styling is entirely subjective and personal, car reliability and safety can be measured and compared directly. These Japanese car manufacturers have incorporated clean looks and designs with good quality control and engineering for a hassle free driving experience. Afterall, there is no sense in having to borrow money with bad credit just to buy a poorly made car.

1. Honda Accord is the king of reliability with only 9.9% requiring some repairs within the first two years on the roads. The styling may be on the conservative side, but it looks understated yet cool and really wins on not having to worry when something is going to fall apart inside the car.
2. Subaru Forester wins on difficult terrain and rugged off-roads. Besides looking tough and reliable, it is tenacious and refuses to give up on its drivers, which is very important when you are miles away from the nearest civilization. It is a really popular choice especially for family camping trips but can be expensive on gas consumption if you are going to drive it on a daily basis around town.
3. 3. Mazda MX5 is considered one of the reliable convertible you can buy today and it is no surprise as Mazda has a good reputation of being a trustworthy Japanese car manufacturer. For those who needed a rare combination of workhorse reliability in a elegant and sporty car design, the MX5 is a good choice.
4. Mitsubishi Carisma is suitable for the family man that needs a safe car with consistent performance and decent MPG for driving your wife and small kids around.
5. Toyota Yaris won the highest crash test rating recently with a unique Minimal Intrusion Cabin system built right inside its bonnet. It takes time to appreciate its looks and design, but it helps to distribute impact from crashes such that the driver and passengers can be spared from serious injuries.
6. Honda Civic is the more affordable brother of the Honda Accord, but no expenses were spared in ensuring it is a safe ride as well. If you always wanted an entry level Honda car, this is a good choice for the ideal family car.

If you are considering to replace your old vehicle with a new car that emphasize on passenger safety, try the above mentioned japanese cars. This is a good time to buy a new reliable and safe japanese car especially with the many 0% financing offers available right now. You can also get car loans for bad credit at reasonable rates.

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